Stars on Hingham Harbor is ALWAYS here for you (and has been for generations)

Jim Hodgdon has been running Stars on Hingham Harbor since 1989. He often jokes that they never set the alarm at Stars “When the closing manager is walking out, the breakfast Chef is walking in.” According to Hodgdon, there is a constant flow of people going in and out of Stars all day and night, year round.  “Whether it’s100 degrees and you’re in your convertible on the way to the beach, or in a blizzard and you pull up in your snowmobile, we will be here for you”.

For those who have never been, Stars is a very happening place. The scene is a refurbished 50′s style diner serving american comfort food. There is live music Thursday-Saturday, with musicians like The Smokin’ Jackets, Kristen Merle, and Jim Richards.  Trivia buffs duke it out during ‘TNT’ Tuesday Night Trivia.  Dinner & Movie is always on special, with discounted movie tickets and dinner deals.  And there is the famed 2 for $40, which includes a dinner and a great bottle of white or red wine.

The Chefs at Stars take a lot of pride in their daily special. There are $3.99 weekday breakfast specials, and nightly themed specials like BBQ night, clambakes and Mom’s home cookin’.

Stars is especially proud of their Pint-Nights, with featured craft beer.  In fact, Stars has always been known for its beer selection. They have over 75 beers by the bottle, and 16 draft lines that are always changing.  The craft beer industry is ‘exploding’, and Brian Barry, beverage manager at Stars, has his finger on the pulse of this exciting industry.

Jim Hodgdon came here with his dad once a week when he was a kid, and now he’s here with his son. Generations have passed through the doors at Stars. “Fresh Food, Fresh Ideas” has been the motto from inception.  Giving people a quality product at an affordable price will always be a great combination.  And consistency is king, from the food and beverage to management and staff.  General Manager Wes Baltzer and Chefs Richard Daniels and Sean Martin have been at Stars for 15+ years; and their standards of  quality go back even farther than that .  “We are a family at Stars, welcoming the Hingham community into ‘our house’ for breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days a week.”

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