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By Cynthia Rosenfeld

The Duxbury Food and Wine Festival is one week away, and the family friendly highlight of the festival is the Food For Thought Farmers’ Market and Fair. On Saturday September 27th from noon to 4pm, Food for Thought will get families thinking about where our food comes from, and exploring the benefits of eating fresh and organic. Admission is free of charge and no alcohol will be served.

Local farmers, foodies and chefs will come together to talk about growing fresh.

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Thinking Ice Cream this weekend? Here's 5 facts about Hornstra Farms!
1. They spent 5 years restoring the farm they are now using in Norwell (where they serve ice cream). All of the wood used in the restoration was actually cut on the property, and dried outside for 1 year.
2. There are over 100 animals on the farm counting calves and the 52 milking cows. These cows produce 375 gallons of milk a day. Kids are allowed to see and pat some of the.

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