A Quick History of Square Cafe

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Patty Libby, owner of Square Café in Hingham, loves her customers. “It’s a people business” she says. “We provide a positive environment here. I like to take care of people; nurture relationships. I want to make our customers happy and at home, and I like to provide a nice workplace for my employees. “

Square Café’s journey has been interesting. They started at 150 North Street 10 years ago; long before Derby Street Shoppes. and the Hingham Shipyard existed. Then, the restaurants in Downtown Hingham were truly the only ones around. Over the years, there have been hurdles. Libby can remember seeing huge piles of dirt outside her restaurant when they were building the train tracks, and just wondering how they would continue to be successful. “I think in a restaurant, or any small business, you are constantly overcoming obstacles, but it is all worth it as your business grows” says Libby.

Libby’s successful plan of action has been to stay focused on what she is doing, and what she does well. “Don’t get caught up in what everyone else is doing. And don’t let unfortunate circumstances deter you from doing what you know is right for your business.”  For Libby, staying focused on her mission means bringing people together for quality food and quality service in a quality atmosphere.

In a way, the residents of Hingham have taken ownership of Square Cafe. Square Cafe has become woven into the fabric of Hingham, and their customers are the bonds who hold them together.  Square Cafe definitely has a strong relationship with their regulars, but they also want to welcome new customers. “Let us make you happy “, says Libby. “We’d love to know your name.”