Walhburgers Launches Salads

Wahlburgers has rounded out their offerings. But not with another burger. Starting today, three new salads grace the menu. “We know that people want healthy options”, noted Kevin St. Pierre, GM at Wahlburgers. “We currently have the turkey burger and the salmon burger, as well as offering lettuce wraps for all of our burgers.  But our customers wanted salads too”. It seems that Wahlburgers was happy to oblige.

For dinner tonight, customers can walk into Wahlburgers in the Hingham Shipyard and order the Seared Fall Chicken Salad, the BBQ Toss (Chicken OR Beef!) and the classic of classics, Chicken Caesar.  “All of our salads are made fresh to order”, said St. Pierre, and rumor has it that they have brought on an extra person to make sure service runs as smoothly as it always has.

Facebook fans were the first to hear about the salads, starting with a countdown 6 days ago. Fans speculated on the nature of the surprise, guessing anything from a visit from the famed Walbergs themselves, to pizza and different kinds of shakes.

For more information, visit Wahlburgers.com.

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