Burtons Welcomes Everyone – (Even you,with the dietary restrictions!)

It’s a curious paradox that in a time when so many people have food allergies, it can be pretty hard to find delicious, allergen free food when you dine out. Enter Burtons Grill. Burtons is an upscale restaurant that serves classic American cuisine while delivering polished, professional service. The food is fresh and the ambiance is warm while still keeping a trendy edge. It is ideal for anything from business meetings to a romantic evening out.

In this day and age, it is impossible to run a restaurant without encountering food allergies and special dietary concerns. Burtons has taken this possible obstacle and turned it into an opportunity to bring a wide variety of diners into the restaurant. Their first priority is their patrons, so it is no surprise that they have created special menus for some of the more prevalent dietary needs.

The gluten free dinner menu boasts classic apps like Spinach and Artichoke dip and more creative ones like Baked Stuffed Zucchini. There are 7 delicious salads, from Blue Cheese to BBQ Chicken to the famous Steakhouse Salad. All five burgers are served on gluen free buns and their entrees feature fresh seafood, steaks, chicken, risotto and even gluent free pasta.

Their vegetarian menu, while slightly smaller than the gluen-free menu, is much larger than the vegetarian offerings of most of its competitors. It features 5 salads, Vegetable Medley Risottos, several pasta and veggie dishes and an amazing mushroom ravioli.

For the diners with the most specific needs (and demands), Burtons has created the clever {B} Choosy children’s menu. It’s based on Michelle Obama’s “My Plate” program and gives your picky eater some healthy and fun meal choices. .

The standard menu is as delectable as the specialty menus. Crowd favorites include Philly Spring Rolls, Beet Salad, Classic Cheese Burger, Filet and Ribeye Steaks and the Salmon. Seafood is sourced from New England whenever possible, and everything is made to order.

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