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What do you get when you put together 2 people who love food, the community, and the environment? The Corner Stop Eatery in Cohasset! Ron and Rudy Vale pour their heart into every meal, every customer interaction and every event that they do. And when you combine that kind of good karma with a whole farm full.

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IMPORTANT: will never publish, sell, rent or otherwise share your email address. The Spirits of the Festival cocktail competition has closed! The winners will be announced Saturday Night, December 8th, at the Treeview cocktail party! Thank you for participating!!! The recipes are below for your cocktail pleasure!   Spirits of the Festival cocktail recipes! Walhburgers: Gingerbread Ted Deep Eddy Vodka, Frangelico, apple cider, milk and ginger syrup, with a graham cracker sugar rim and topped with 2 chocolate Teddy Grahams Square Cafe: Sweet Tea Ginger Smash Sweet Tea Deep.
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