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By Cynthia Rosenfeld There are a lot of obvious reasons that someone would eat at Union Fish Seafood and Raw bar. Superlative seafood, the scratch kitchen (which means that everything is made fresh right there!), extensive, fresh and delicious raw bar, and a really fun atmosphere. But when you look more closely, many cool additional reasons make themselves apparent. Here are 10 Very Interesting Reasons to dine at Union Fish Seafood and Raw Bar. 1. New Specials. Every. Night. Read more
Here is a press release on the change from Brigham's Hingham Square to Patt's Place It's important to note that Pat Halliday, owner of Brigham's, is the owner of Patti's Place. All of the food is remaining basically the same, including the Raspberry Lime Rickeys! The ice cream is new, and the hot fudge is new, but the verdict is that the hot fudge is even BETTER than Brigham's - thick, gooey, and chocolaty! Pat will continue to source her produce from The Fruit Center in.
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