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Patty Libby, owner of Square Café in Hingham, loves her customers. “It’s a people business” she says. “We provide a positive environment here. I like to take care of people; nurture relationships. I want to make our customers happy and at home, and I like to provide a nice workplace for my employees. “ Square Café’s journey has been interesting. They started at 150 North Street 10 years ago; long before Derby Street Shoppes. and the Hingham Shipyard existed. Then, the restaurants in Downtown Hingham were.
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The Chili Seared Yellow Noodles, the Beet Salad and the Square Burger are always on the menu at Square Cafe. Executive Chef Andrea Schnell embraces all the goodness each season has to offer. In the summer, recipes are light and easy. Fruit,  seafood and herbs all help to capture summer on your plate. Here are the new items this summer. If you like lobster, get the Scituate Lobster Roll fast. Rumor has it that it will only be on the menu a short while! And.
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